Monday, August 27, 2007

Peter Black AM and the whole two job thing

Don't know this Peter Black AM from ADAM, and I didn't realise until now that he was another two-jobber holding down a council seat as well as one in the Assembly.

But Lib Dem Voice draw attention to This is South Wales and an even handed story, that LDV whine about, stating that he has made donations of £12,000 and £15,000 to his own campaign funds.

The least we can say is that what he is doing with his Council pay is transparent and accountable. And that his Council and Assembly work are in the same part of Wales and not 200 miles/three hours travel apart. Others are not so honourable. Mentioning no names.

Clearly there was blatant dishonesty in Ealing Southall about Vivendra Sharma (60) age being 72 and so on. And there was one particular press stunt involving two jobs Leech supporting the Lib Dem man's insistence that he would be a full time MP.

What an extraordinary choice that was, in his Blue Peter shoes and all.

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