Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Bloggerheads Opinion Poll: Lib Dems to Form Government?

REWRITE UNDER THREAT OF SANCTIONS: There has been various movement in Tim's Bloggerheads Poll. Would you put Ming into Number 10? Is Gordon a keeper? Could Dave-id be the Great White Shark? Please do go over, support Tim's return, and vote.


Tim said...

If you stop whoring my online poll, I'll give you a juicy story on Friday about Conservatives diddling one. Deal?

Chris Paul said...

Deal! Do I just have to take down this post to satisfy you Mr Irelandamov, Sir? Or just my whole blog?

Tim said...

Heh. If you would like a little present tomorrow morning, simply update the post to soften the partisan push.


All I want is an honest indication from readers which way they are going to vote. Anything that deliberately pushes votes from one quarter risks skewing that result.


Chris Paul said...

Fair enough

Tim said...

Seeing as we agree on the principle of the matter, you won't be wanting your present, then.


Anonymous said...

You are auch a gormless tosser Chris.