Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Uzi Usmanov: "A Low Life Gangster?" Under European Parliamentary Privilege

As Chicken Yoghurt sets out here with links the law firm Schillings - assuming they are not in fact double agents working for non-visible forces of goodness - have seen to it that their most visible client's reputation lies in tawdry tatters.

Are they on a bonus for a mention in the OJ?

They also link to this MP3 of Labour UKIP MEP Tom Wise making his statement. Go listen - it's dynamite. (Originally from Matthias at Swiss Metablog).

Graphic is from Unity


Commissar said...

Great statement, but Tom Wise isn't one of us, he's a UKIP MEP

Chris Paul said...

Shit! And oops! I added the Labour bit after reading it somewhere else ...I stand corrected.