Thursday, September 13, 2007

Blueprint for Greenwash: Tory Fans Ready to Hit the Shit?

Fair Deal Phil has a great summary here of early Tory reaction to Kak's Blueprint for a Greenwash.

As you can imagine the Tories at large are "absolutely delighted darling", and "can't wait", and "tax me some more you blue-green bastards you". Much of the humungous report is just page after page of Tory Toff head emptying of pretty workaday possibilities for leverage on environmental behaviour.

The plan to tax out of town shopping parking spaces will go down particularly well with out of town shopping magnate and Tory supporter John Whittaker and his friend in parliament Graham Brady MP.


fred said...

So todays events confirm that David Cameron is the first leader of " NUKE CONSERVATISM "

Chris Paul said...

That may well be the case. And the Libs are gone.

Anonymous said...

have they blue bastards henna'd their hair? bout to leap frog labour and the libs and go red??

drhuq said...

And simultaneously Brown hogs headlines brown-nosing Thatcher. Can't say I was too delighted at that turn of events.

Chris Paul said...

Mmmm. I thought the Thatch thing was hilarious myself. Post modern I know. The coincidence of tired old class warrior - now completely harmless to working people - being entertained with a straight face by today's man PLUS the Tories now being on their last legs was marvellous.

The Magwitch is knowingly conniving in the last rites of the Conservative and Unionist Party.

As I said ... hilarious.