Thursday, September 13, 2007

Former Organ Grinder: Returns to Scene of Crimes

The Organ Grinder Iain Dale has made a guest appearance on his monkey's blogsite to facetiously speculate that a Number 10 treat for a poorly pensioner who was dying to meet GB's best Prime Minister for yonks was organised as a spoiler for Zac's green kites today.

"Political tactics are all very well" says the Transport and General Workers' Union boss Tony Woodley to the Press Association. He then goes on to rubbish Gordon's tactics. He says his members won't understand. Surely it's his job to help them?

Maggie is a harmless grannie now and there is no reason to confuse her worst political moments and the hate in which she was held when she was in charge with her being a legitimate guest of the PM at No 10 now she is a fading memory.

Maggie's bouffant hairstyle deflected the exocet missile

Never thought I'd be writing that. And it won't stop the lot of us dancing in the streets when she's left the building as it were. No offence.

As Sting said, and I paraphrase: "The Maggie Loves Her Children Too". Well, apart that is from naughty terrorist Mark and ridiculously liberal Carol.


K.P. said...

Chris - do you know if the organ grinder gives his monkey any of his "nuts" to chew over?


RE k.p. Yes he gets a "Daley" handful.

Chris Paul said...

You've lost me you cheeky monkeys you

grimupnorth said...

Chris, you REALLY don't get it sometimes. Brown meeting Thatcher for tea and buns is unforgivable,I don't care how bloody ga-ga she is.

Diablo said...

Could it be that Brown is actually saying that Thatcher got it right in the '80s and he was wrong? Don't expect you to agree Chris but it's an interesting thought?

Chris Paul said...

Brown is saying:
"I'm destroying your party for ever. Is that OK?"
Maggie is saying:
"Not my party any more, who cares?"

He's certainly not saying he was wrong. He wasn't so why would he say that?

Yes Grim, I really don't get it. You're right of course. You always do though. I'm in awe.

GSOH is essential at times like these.

grimupnorth said...

I have a very GSOH - this just isn't very funny.Especially if you are trying to engage people left-of-centre and win them to the Party.They tend to be more principled than post-modern and don't take too kindly to Brown's righter-than-right play-acting (if that's what it is, I am no longer convinced)