Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Boris Johnson vs George Galloway: On Buggeration

Luke Akehurst nicked a story from The Weekly Worker without a hat tip. Miserable so and so. Apparently the leader of RESPECT, George Galloway MP has some Unresolved Equality Issues.

Calling his potential parliamentary election opponent names for voting for increased Equality for gay people. In fact Galloway, who voted the same way possibly against his instincts, has said this says Cllr Bob Piper in comments:

"This is the government that has lowered the age of consent for buggery."

Despite his own well known problems with Equality Issues in general Boris Johnson is wooing the pink vote with support for polygamy for any and all sexual preferences. Something like that. Not that he thinks all gays are as promiscuous as he is ...

YES, apparently Boris is from a long line of polygamists himself.

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Chris Paul said...

Eton Dave is also a bastard scion of some royal shag nasty or other? But Boris is saying in a gay mag that he approves of promiscuity and polygamy because he has muslim blood ... so is this actually true or just a satirical comedy routine?