Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Iain Dale: Still Playfully Pulling Plonkers on Poll

Iain Dale's Diary squealled last night You Gov Poll Puts Labour Eleven Points Ahead and therefore persists with the fantasy that Gordon Brown will call an election within a week.

The election will EITHER be in June 2009 to coincide with the Euro Elections thereby busting any remote BNP chance of getting a seat and also making the best first for Labour of the reduced euro seatage OR in May 2008 alongside Town Hall, Unitary and County elections - winning some seats and controls back.

LOL favour the former as a Europhile anti-fash. But the latter will do the trick if the conditions are right come March 2008. But I would like my little, alright sporting, 100 weeks wager to come in.

NOTE TO NUMBSKULLS: Any boost for Labour in local government elections is unlikely to overcome an incumbent and strangely popular councillor with a decent majority who is also the second party PPC. Poor analysis, again.


Stephen Newton said...

With you on this. Cameron's had plenty of time to prove himself an effective Tory leader. He's no rabbits to pull out of the hat.

Although given that UKIP MEPs will be saying good bye whatever happens, it may be as well to mazimise the local election vote.

Chris Paul said...

See what's happening in March 2008? keep all options open anyway. May 2009 is the back stop.

tonydj said...

So Brown may call a General Election in June 2009 to bust BNP chances of gaining MEP's.

Thought the BNP were not that much of a threat....mmmmmm....looks like fake photos are not the only un-truths the Labour Party peddle.

Chris Paul said...

Hello again Tony DJ me dear fascist nutjob you

Brown can call an election anytime he wants up until May 2010. June 2009 would be a greta time as you fascists would be well and truly swamped by a decent turnout.

As seats have been cut Griffin would have more of a job this time anyway but it would of course be a bonus to kick his butt by the absolute maximum bootage possible. Metaphorically.

The BNP aren't much of a threat and our job has to make sure that that stays the case.

Leave no stone unturned, there may be a lying hating scumbag fascist worm under the very next one you try.

Toodle pip!

Chris P

tonydj said...

A Chara

Or maybe by that time the Labour Party will have embraced so many "fascist" policies that any decent lying hating...etc voter will vote Labour.