Thursday, September 06, 2007

Global Sparring: Lomborg NOT Lynas

Dizzy declares Mark Lynas a Global Village Idiot over his rather silly remarks. I agree.

Making quasi-religious assertions about "Science" is fundamentally dim and/or dangerously disingenuous.

Using these QRAs as basis for illogical action and proposed policy is pathetic.

Whether it is Tories, Libs, Greens, Socialists or New Labour doing so. Bjorn Lomborg is a god among scientists.

Lomborg is even a real scientist. Policy makers should pay attention to the scientific fisking of the mainstream "science policy".

Source of image: WSJ article (PPV) cited at length on Art Diamond's interesting blog.


Anonymous said...

No, I think you'll find he's a statistician.

Chris Paul said...

Are you saying mathematicians are not scientists?

And are you disputing that Mr Lomborg has a point as time after time he finds out lazy memes and generalisations?

And also says: "So there's warming and there is some human effect but spending on XY and Z is better than on dimbo naive AB and C."

Bjorn is more polite than that.

Lomborg is more adept with science as a political scientist or statistician than the vast majority of "scientists" from pure and applied branches.

Mathematics is probably as pure as it gets science-wise. Discuss.

Remember Lomborg started out wanting to prove the opposite to what he now believes.

Anonymous said...

No, statistics is not a science, it's a means of analysis which compliments science (and numerous other disiplines). I agree that lomberg is knowlegable about science, but he is not a scientist in the traditional sense. He holds no degrees in any natural sciences.

As for "And are you disputing that Mr Lomborg has a point as time after time he finds out lazy memes and generalisations?". No i'm not, and there is no way you could infer that from my original post that I was. However, what I can infer from the length of your reply is that you are a bit of a whack job.

Chris Paul said...

A very scientific ad hominem attack I'm sure. Natural science? Are you some kind of Poxbridge snob? "Statistics is one of sciences's best ways to check whether our venerable social beliefs stand up to scrutiny or turn out to be myths" There, 60% as long as you. You are 167% as whack.