Thursday, September 06, 2007

Tory Blaggers: This is More like Outward Bound than National Service

Iain Dale thinks David Cameron has got the best coverage in today's Sun and that this is for a Tory Policy Everyone Can Unite Behind.

I wonder? It's six weeks, not 104 or more. More like Outward Bound than National Service and arguably a bit of an insult to the conservative core voters who went through the latter (including in WWII and Korea).

Shot in foot redux.

A real policy from the Tories that we could unite behind? Suggestions please. I'll not try to muster a top ten like Dale does. Can we run to a top three do you think?


Anonymous said...

1. Disband the Tory Party
2. Or rename the Tory Party - the Money Grubbing White Anglo Saxon Protestant Male Straight Toff Party
3. Tear down the statue of Maggie Thatcher
4. Own up and apologize for 1000 enslaving of the working classes
5. Pay reparations for above

Anonymous said...

How about:

1. Sustainable Hoodie hugging for the 21st century.
2. Selection at 5+ as a replacement for Sure Start!

Chris Paul said...

Thanks people. We may make ten yet.