Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Fascist Fellow Traveller Fraud: MEP Jail on Full Pay

Shouldn't UKIP vet MEP Candidates before sticking them at the top of the list? Not once the truth of fraud and fascist alliances begins to out itself?

Ashley Mote, 71, benefit fraudster: over six years trousering £73,000 in benefits to which he was not entitled and since 2004 trousering £60,000 per annum and all the gravy he can drink (as a Euro-sceptic he'll be drinking the boat dry) after standing on an anti-fraud platform. Mr Mote will continue to get pay - but not much gravy - during his incarceration.

After UKIP cottoned on to his previous Mote has been hanging round with old Le Pen and other Nazis, fascists and racists. Including Alessandra "Better to be a fascist than a fag!" Mussolini.

Here's how Der Spiegel described him on his ascension to Jean Marie and Alessandra's right hand:

Ashley Mote, 70, is the very image of a polite British gentleman: balding, slight belly, striped tie and hand-made English shoes. As he sits in his spartan fifth-floor office in the European Union parliament building in Strasbourg, he dreams of a victory over the European Union. "We are going to take our money and go back home."
For 20 years he owned a marketing agency with offices in seven different countries. He wrote books about the history of the British national sport of cricket and stood up for the system of "free enterprise," which he sees as the "antithesis of the EU." But instead of enjoying his retirement, he has gone into politics and moved into the European Parliament as an independent member of parliament (MP).
His aim is to wage a "guerrilla war" against Europe, infiltrating the organization as "a Trojan horse" -- until his fellow countrymen grasp the fact that Europe is choking them and Britain quits the EU. For Mote a pro-European Brit is like "a Turkey voting for Christmas."
For a long time the Londoner has been a lone fighter on the continental battlefield. But last week he joined forces with 19 MPs from six other countries to form the European Parliament group "Identity, Tradition, Sovereignty." The move gives them the chance to get more money, more speaking time and above all more attention. The group's members now have to pretend that they have the same political aims. This, however, is easier said than done.

Nirj Deva MEP gave Ash a good shake as he joined fatherlands fatheads.

But although this was reproduced on Conservative Home responses include the claim that Mote was an active Tory for a long time before defecting to UKIP. In fact the commentary is very informative. It seems Churchill conceded, "If I were Italian, I should don the fascist black shirt."

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