Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Dim & Dimmer Tories: Four Fillies and a Funny Man

Boris Johnson had some bright 14 year old girls in the back of his car once. All they would do was talk about marriage. Brides. Grooms. Which rather did poor old Bozzer's brain in. Girl's just like to have fun? Not so.
And Boz wrote an article about what he overhead and then he sold it three or four times. Bit like gals those editors. Why settle for one? What! Terrific. Seems Dave was right to bang on about marriage and all that. These young Sloanes prove it. Though least said soonest mended about broken society, adultery and divorce.

Top breeding: By thoroughbred Recess Monkey out of old knacker Mr GuF.

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Anonymous said...

The girls in the back of the car look rather old to be 14 and seem a bit dim to be considered the future of parliamentary life, Dorries excepted.