Tuesday, September 04, 2007

That Black Knight Cameron: MP and the Holy Grail

Iain Dale is delighted though there is no news from him yet on Ms Widdy and her upcoming vacation of some prime Kent real estate. Oh no.

But it seems that Dave-id has written to Gordon who - like Maggie and unlike Dave-id (or Tony) - is a believer not a chancer. In his letter he throws down a gauntlet (right) or more realistically fusses hopelessly over please pretty please having a televised debate.

He reminds me of the Black Knight in MP and the Holy Grail. "Coward!" he shouts as he hops armless, legless, policy-less, and utterly disposed of. Into the mire.

Dave-id should go get one or two city jobs? Give up while he's "ahead"?

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