Thursday, September 20, 2007

Injudicious Juxtaposition: Someone's Up To Something

And in this case it's Iain Dale. First he brings us some useful, judicious and amusing juxtaposition with news that Job Centre Plus are holding a seminar at Stamford Bridge. Just as Jose Mourinho departs.

More to the point Iain finally sets our minds at rest:

I shall be back in the chair from tomorrow morning. I'm off to do another theatre show with La Widdecombe in Cheltenham tonight, so will no doubt have something to report from that.

Not sure whether that means Iain's monkey Shane Greer gets his cards too? We'll see. But onwards and upwards to this post asserting the probability of an autumn election, called on Thursday next:

Everything in my gut tells me that an election will be called next week. There will be another couple of opinion polls in the next few days which will probably confirm a 5-8 point Labour lead.

Mmmm. This is more poll bait. But a poll is not as easy to bait as a link! The master Organ Grinder continues:

Just do what I have done and draw a line down the middle of a piece of paper and write down the arguments for an against an autumn election from Gordon Brown's perspective.

Now, let's see. Excitable Iain. High good humour. Looking forward to seeing friend Ann Widdy. Suggesting something to report. And shortly afterward ... insisting an Autumn election is probable.

How are these juxtaposed factlets and observations related? Well as LOL reported earlier this month, following the Pendennis column in The Observer Widdy has gone from possibly going through probably going to definitely going ... unless that is there is an Autumn poll:

Her decision to stand down from her Maidstone and the Weald constituency will only be reversed if there is an election called this autumn, which, she says, 'my bones tell me there won't be'.

Well, my bones tell me that there won't be too. For the nth time it will be June 2009. But they also tell me that if there is A Widdy has decided to go anyway. They also tell me that in the event of a 48 hour selection process a certain well known political blogger, resident in Tonbridge Wells, will have an even greater chance of success in securing her most attractive Maidstone and Weald seat.

No wonder there is a skip in Iain's step and a cheery wave for one and all as our hero motors his sparkling Audi Cabriolet 3.0 Sport (convertible natch) down to Cheltenham with Ms Widdy.

Well done Iain. Shane can run the blog during your campaign. Just a quick reprise for the unconvinced and to hush Iain's protesting too much:

Iain Dale was of course Ms Widdecombe's accomplice and chauffeur on various conversational theatrical engagements.

He boosted her as a London mayoral candidate, and has conspired on various audio publications.

And he has been an unashamed plugger of Ann's wares (right).

DISCLAIMER: No! This is NOT stalking.

UPDATE: Mr Dale and Ms Widdy are in fact thundering down the M4 in a chaffeur-driven Peugeot not a Dale-driven Audi. And in the extremely unlikely - (agree myself and Widdy to Iain's glee) - event of an Election in a few weeks time Ms Widdy will selflessly offer herself to the electors of M&W once more.


Iain Dale said...

Now, chris. I am typing this sitting alonside Miss W in the back of a Peugeot. No Audi in sight. She loves your conspiracy theory about the spring in my step bu she wishes to assure you that if the Pm calls an election now she will be standing again. And my step is still springy, I can assure you. Fwiw she disagrees with my prediction of an autumn election. My god. Chris Paul agrees with Widders shocker!

Chris Paul said...

Thanks Iain. Congratulations on promotion from chaffeur! Sorry that it has to be a Peugeot. A Prius would make a good story. Chris Paul quite often agrees with Widders in fact. Shock!!

And whatever it is bringing the spring - apart of course from the rendez vous with the charming Ms Widdy - congratulations anyway. Welcome back.

Anonymous said...

So, if that's not what he's up to what is he up to?

Or to put it another way if that's not what you're up to Iain what are you up to?