Thursday, September 20, 2007

Libdemologists: Say Ming Was Fantastic, They're Fibbers

Ming Campbell and Warren Bradley helped police with their enquiries over Liverpool's economic miracle. "In a hole? Keep digging!" said Warren.

Sadly I missed seeing Ming's magnificent speech. Somehow walking the dogs seemed more pleasant and more important.

Lib Dem Voice have a bit of a review and some comments. The first of these is anonymous. Possibly from Ming himself and refers to "Dave".

Simon Hughes’ hilarious Presidential turn yesterday also went: "Dave wouldn’t do this, Dave wouldn’t do that, Dave could not say that etc."

This leads me to think that the Lib Dems have triangulated. They have decided that taking votes off Tories or giving the impression that that is the game is much more of a priority than off Labour. So they're after nailing "Dave".

In Labour areas this might keep some tactical Tories on board, if losing some of the lefties. And it could work in Tory areas where it is a straight fight. Then again perhaps not.

Clearly I should read or watch the whole speech as I know Ming has also asserted that only Lib Dems can sort out the economy. On the face of it we only have to look at the hole in Liverpool’s finances to know that it ain’t so.

But it will be interesting to hear him trying to make the case.

UPDATE: Still not seen the whole thing in its entirety. Just bits. Strange that Iain Dale's Mini Me has given it a better review than the LDV crowd. Perhaps in his unsureness about the boy Cameron he is reaching out to a land of make believe?

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Anonymous said...

Hi Chris

Who is that terribly wooden looking politician standing next to Menzies Campbell as the police interrogate him on being the biggest liar in the history of the world (or at least in Liverpool).