Monday, September 24, 2007

Jon Cruddas: Blokey Blogger Back on the Campaign Trail

Dizzy Thinks that ex-Blogger Jon Cruddas MP has gone off the reservation and offers some links to JC's nefarious rabble rousing and trouble stirring.

Alert readers may remember that Jon was that back bench MP who rose from obscurity and a career loyally backing everything Blair threw at him, to a giddy blog-fuelled rise in the Deputy Leadership contest, and having refused the sort of campaigning jobs he said he wanted, back to back bench obscurity.

Only time will tell whether Cruddas boobed in not taking even a campaigning type job-let under Brown. I think he may have. Others think he has played a blinder.

Despite his legendary blokey blogging status (above) and the support this and his new found rebelliousness Cruddas finished NOWHERE in Dale's Blogging MP section (and he did give up in June just after the contest) but he came a rather ridiculous* 43rd in Dale (and Brivati's) Left One Hundred.

(Is there a Tory conspiracy to build JC up as the new looney lefty?)

Cruddas is very likely taking the right lines on the issues Dizzy has him speaking out on. And it is not doing any harm for the party to be having a semi-public debate and for concessions to be won through that debate.

* Not quite as hilariously Dale doolally as Buff Hoon being placed 23rd - how ridiculous is that then?

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