Monday, September 24, 2007

Short Lived: New Magazine, plus More Party Poopers

Just as soon as the Manchester Evening News, bless them, started handing out a men's magazine with "Go Nowhere Near IKEA" on the cover it's time to go straight to that emporium.

Apparently in London they can hardly give it away to anyone whereas in Manchester they are refusing to let women see it: "You won't like it", "Nothing in there for you love", "Men Only dearie". This is not Shirt Lift fellas it is Short List, or as Sleuth at Manchester Confidential dubbed it at the link Short Lived.

It's done by the bloke from NUTS who is very disparaging in his remarks ... about the likes of NUTS. You know the sort of thing: "Too many topless women ... not enough exciting er, lists".

Anyhow I should concentrate. On the way out of the IKEA at Ashton, laden with comforting Swedish meatballs within and a few inessential impulse-purchased knick knacks without, my mobey rings with tales of yet more low down and dirty political shenanigans.

This is in a short listing and selection contest in the central ward of Fuckwit LGC. (Name of "Local Government Committee" changed to protect innocent and guilty alike). Will these clumsy chancers never learn?


Anonymous said...

Come on Chris. Do spill the beans on Bobbins CLP and the rest of them.

Chris Paul said...

Not sure I can really do that. It would be hilarious is it didn't matter, but it does.

Chris Paul said...

Sorry, if not is ...