Monday, September 24, 2007

LOL Blogroll: Another Leftwards Addition, plus One of Our Bloggers is Missing

New link to Mick Hall's Organised Rage which has been mainly doing Irish and Turkish left politics but he will no doubt turn on Mr Brown from time to time.

More refettling will follow soon. So if your blog links here and there's no outward link or at least a post link here and there please do give me a nudge. And vice versa if I've been linking to you for nine or ten months and you've not reciprocated. Mentioning no names.

Meanwhile, one of our blogroll is on the missing list. Miles' last post was nine or ten weeks ago. Inaction and no theory at the moment.

Paradoxically that last post was about the MIA but returned from kidnap journo Alan Johnston. I do hope the Popular People's Front of East Lancashire are going easy on him. I am sure he will eventually be returned to us unharmed.

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Guido Fawkes Esq. said...

I think you are a moron. In fact I know you are a moron. I delete your posts in my comments as soon as I become aware of them without even reading them.

Still you post lengthy comments. Which are deleted, often within seconds.

Please don't bother.