Wednesday, September 19, 2007

LabourHome: Open Thread on General Election Timing

LabourHome have started an Open Thread on General Election Timing.

My punt is for June 2009. The first weekend. As I have been saying from the get go. 100 weeks as PM then annihilate both the Tories and the Liberals. Hold if not gain in EU even on reduced seatage. Swamp the BNP with a general election. Kick off a 50-year dynasty of post-Blair social democracy or, we can dream, eventually democratic socialism.


Chris Paul said...

Not much action over at LabourHome. If you'd like to put your favoured date or dates and rationale here you are more than welcome.

Barnacle Bill said...

Unfortunately I think June 2009 might be too late. There are many chickens coming home to roost that your leader has no control over.
The Northern Rock incident was a sticking plaster episode, look over the pond and be afeared!
CPI or RPI which one affects the voters pocket the most?
Iran, this could very well blow up in Gordon's face.
Energy, we are becoming too dependent upon Russian supplies of energy. Nothing the governement has proposed will protect us from hikes in fuel prices before 2009.
Oil will be over $100 a barrel by then.
Our transport infrastructure is barely able to shoulder the load now. Think what another two years will do to it.
Anything the government will do in the short term will alienate the motoring voters.
NHS, well I'm not qualified to judge that, but an ageing British and growing immigrant population won't help.
Finally, I think there are a lot of skeletons from Blair's rule that could come back to haunt Brown.
So a snap election, or a later one?

Chris Paul said...

June 2009 is perfect ... even more time for Cameron to talk his way out of it ... it is Brown with a comfortable majority or Brown by a landslide ... no other results now possible.

Barnacle Bill said...

It might be Gordon trying to form a majority government with UKIP.
I would not take the electorate for granted.
As Terry Pratchett says; "We are living in interesting times."

Gollum said...

You're still here then? Not got into the Top 10 Blogger spot yet? I wonder why?

I was talking to Monica the other day and she thinks it's because well, frankly, Chris you are a rubbish blogger. No offence but if the sockpuppet fits...?

Chris Paul said...

Hi "Gollum" Thanks so much for your ironic contribution about sockpuppetry. Where is _your_ blog then? Or your name? Love and kisses CP