Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Libdemologists: Telling Tall Tales from the Riverbank

Oh dear. Party conference broadcast. Here's some fuddled old bezzer - bit like the man on the left above - in a grubby-looking mac muttering and pretending that the recent floods are somehow related to global warming.

Even though he almost certainly personally remembers the last two occurrences that these were nearly as bad as.

In last week's unseemly Lib Dem motivated flood of letters to the South Manchester Distorter about Marie Louise Gardens there was even one stating that such a humungous development "in the flood plain" would be followed by deluge and devastation.

Environment action now! said the old chap's graphics. Let's have some Lib Dem Truth action first please Ming Canute. While you cannot turn the tide you can stop your team fibbing so fluently. If it's the last thing you do.

UPDATE: The laughing assassin Nick Clegg has been caught out in Brighton. At it. Denies everything but. Did they stick this poor conference broadcast out on purpose? Are they doing Ming in with tricks, hoaxes and fibs?

Here is the actual Video seeing as you don't believe me. Drowning not waving.

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