Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Leaders are Readers: Chomsky or Carle, All Good

There has been a good deal of speculation in USA intelligence circles about Osama Bin Laden's tonsorial colouration. Nothing else to go on really. Dizzy may have stumbled on what has put a spring in his step. OBL has it seems just perhaps been reading Chomsky and lefty bloggers too.

Well, leaders are readers after all. The Very Hungry Caterpillar for some, World Orders, Old and New for others. Turning some day into a beatific butterfly. Or perhaps setting sights a bit higher and aiming to be a thinker not a drinker.

OBL is sitting in his shrouded luxury penthouse. Living the Life of Riley. Using the latest or most ancient organic hair products. Black Henna anyone? (Dangerous in the wrong hands. Take care.) Albeit with a price on his head. Rather like Salman Rushdie come to think of it.

In fact they could even be roomies? We can dream. Well anyway, old OBL will have plenty of time to read and surf in his retirement.

Probably have caught a re-run of Farenheit 911 last night as well. And the fisking thereof, natch. Seen the original hungry worm joshing with Saudi royals 36 hours after the jets hit the tower. Wondered at the Saudis owning 7% of the USA. And at the $1.4 Bn Bush's friends and families have pocketed from that direction. Been amazed at the Secret Service men guarding the old Embassy. Perhaps OBL and Sir SR are holed up in there?

Of course OBL reads!

And of course it is Chomsky, not the very beatific Carle.

Which GWB can read so well that the kids just relax, watch paint dry, take a snooze.

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