Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Last Legs Liverpool Libdemologists: Dutifully Facing Both Ways on Rat-Arsery

Will Alsop's Fourth Grace - which I rather like ... but what a disgrace - selected despite being fourth of four in the public referendum

Thanks to Lib Dem Voice for reporting that Liverpool is going to run out of hotel space as it is "double booked" with (a) a home football game (there's one of those every week) and (b) a minor Spring Conference. Fortunately a change of local government is planned for May 08. Meaning an uber mayor may not be necessary. Whatever. Libdemologists, it's certainly your last chance to get rat-arsed in Lib Dem Liverpool. Book your rooms here.

If that is you're not out binge drinking in Brighton with Liverpool twossock, Lib Dem councillor, sadly wasted opportunist Cllr Richard Kemp (right).

Though then again here he is trying to clamp down on bars!. And not let other people get rat-arsed.

Whoever said you cannot have it both ways? With these Lib Dems ... facing both ways is a daily duty says Blogger Paula Keaveney, a co-campaigner with binge drinker Kemp.

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Paula said...

No idea why you have tried to attack me sweetie . Personally i have found some of your blog entries, particularly on civil liberties, quite thoughtful. But if you do have to resort to petty attacks at least make the link work properly!!!!