Thursday, September 27, 2007

Louise "Sarky Pants" Bagshawe: New Model Milk Snatcher

The problem Louise Bagshawe and her Tory Chums face is not only a severe sarcasm overload but also the lack of credibility of little Lord Fauntelroy's non-visible alternatives.

Out canvassing - somewhere in Manchester Withington - yesterday tea time I found the women who came to their doors, all women incidentally, had a lot of time for Gordon and no time for Dave-id.

They can see that Gordon is Solid and Dependable and they can smell that Dave is "chatting fart", to borrow from the patois.

There was one exception - a Tory household essentially - but even they were dithering between washed up Lib Dems and hopeless Greens!

Louise B may be right on one point though:

Gimmick Gordon strikes again with a classic!
It's not paperwork that's the problem, you see, it's paper. So we're solving that with "palm pilots for all". Much more funky than Cameron's outmoded ideas

This has been tried before on the cheap. Somewhere incidentally that Tories hold the purse strings. It will however work in the end. Once police blogger dimness, parlous battery life and Tory false economies are overcome.

CAPTION: Louise Bagshawe is a little to the right of Maggie Thatcher.

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Anonymous said...

Were the Tory household voters? Please check.