Thursday, September 27, 2007

Spoiled Ballot: Only 0.4% Take Up for Boris and Company

Mr GuF calls it a landslide and CCHQ appear delighted that more than 20,000 people voted. Not after spoilt ballots they didn't. It's a fib! Mr Lansley thinks Johnson's spin over substance there at the bottom (below). Nearly 200 short in fact.

As per the above table assuming around five million Londoners are on electoral registers and eligible the turn out was just 0.4%. This is pretty miserable. It's not the mayoralty in Clitheroe or Witney you know! This is the Greatest City in the World! With all 32 Boroughs now having had Old Etonian visits bestowed on them for good measure.

How many Londoners applied for and were sent ballot papers? How many in all were returned?

What was the best actual, real graffito observed by tellers on the paperwork?

LOL's favourite piece of spoilt ballotry ever heard of included a picture of a lovely cat and the letters M I A O W in the five boxes.

But in this case there were four boxes.

What would you write and what would you draw - without crossing the bounds of decency - if you wanted to spoil your London ballot in style?

Get thinking.

A template to download and send back completed will follow shortly.


spotthewasteofspace said...

Oh give up you cunt! You talk bollocks, you are bollocks. You are the waste of space.

Chris Paul said...

What's your point?

Are you blogging paralytic?

0.4% is a miserable turnout. The Lib Dems who cannot count said it was only 0.2%. What is your point? Is less than 20,000 out of 5 million a good turn out? Is 20,000 even a good turn out from Tory members - who did not have to pay to vote - never mind showing any sign of a great wave of popular support for this clown.

Thansk again for your validation. Though if you could keep your potty mouth to yourself in future it would be appreciated.

Where's your blog?

Anonymous said...

Name and shame the drunken bum ... you have their IP?

Chris Paul said...

Possibly. Collected before. Though this time our friend is playing dirty. Presumably sitting in a darkened room somewhere in London alternating between vile porn and being my own tory troll stalker.