Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Made in England: Well, the Labels Were Anyway

Great post from Rupa and another from Tom on the problem of rip-off wages on high-street brands. [Top image is ripped off from the marvellous Periphery aka LOL's old Manchester pal Joe Magee now in Bristol. Commission his work! periphery at periphery co uk]

The craziest thing is you ask me is that anyone who buys clothes from these territories might actually believe workers are getting £1 never mind £5 an hour. Many many years ago the late lamented City Life Magazine did a feature (c 1984 or 1985) on similar shenanigans.

The gag the importers were using then was to stitch "made in england" labels (which were actually made in england) onto clothes that clearly were not. If memory serves these weavers of deceit sent them out to the Philippines to get them applied to garments.

To my eternal shame (though not personally responsible) between ourselves, our printer and International Labour Reports (a campaigning mag floreat 1984-1990) we LOST a handful of the actual labels concerned.

Guido of course does a nice line in ripping people off. A new slavery as content producers are ripped off by the Man? Slogan for the day Comrades: Intellectual property needs a minimum of a hat tip. Which goes for comrades on the left too, mentioning no names.

TRIVIA: When I travelled to India as a youth in 1975 the wage of the cook - at the top of the food chain - where we stayed in Calcutta was on 40 rupees per month. This was then equivalent to £2. That's 50 pence per week. No more than 1p an hour.

My host was very gracious and very wealthy and lived in a penthouse, possibly on top of this very building on the famous Shakespeare Sarani. The boss of Brooke Bond/Fray Bentos in India. And the cook had travelled with his family from Dar-es-Salam. He considered himself pretty well paid.


jailhouselawyer said...

What about Bob Piper's accusation that Iain Dale is wearing a false I support the Tories label?

Chris Paul said...

Oooh, didn't see that ... what about the fact he's interviewing the deputy candidates wallah for doughty street - just as the Maidstone seat comes up ...

jailhouselawyer said...

Iain Dale has seen it and commented. He says he finds it hilarious. I wonder if any Tories who see it will find it funny? That's scuppered any chance he might have had of Maidstone and Weald. Only loyal supporters get safe seats.

Monica said...

You two still chatting to each other? Good. Don't forget John is due for his ECT session, Chris. You know he feels better after it. And you need to take your pills now, Chris. Think calm. There's a good boy.

Chris Paul said...

Oh, hello again Monica. You really must be rather peculiar to visit other people's blogs frothing at the mouth and throwing around these absolutely hilarious mental health jibes. What's good about it? Sorry Mon. Nothing. You sad sack!

Internet Investigations said...

The net is closing on "Monica". Been under surveillance (stalking someone else) for quite some time.

Uses lots of pen names. Writes lots of very inappropriate things. You have been quite lucky here. Monica much prefers bullying women.

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