Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Shireen Ritchie 'MP': Le Monde's Her Oyster

Maddie's mother in law Shireen Ritchie is the Tory-mamma deputy-in-charge-of-
-candidates? Good news then that champion blogging expert and wannabe MP Iain Dale will soon be giving her a gentle grilling for the famous 18 Doughty Street.

If Iain isn't too mean Shireen may after all be able to put in a good word for him over Maidstone and Weald.

It wouldn't do any harm to follow Marc Roche in Le Monde October 29, 2006 (right, picture and caption as published by Watching America, source of Le Monde translation) in bigging up and promoting Mrs Ritchie. To being a Tory MP and British Cabinet Minister no less.

Down to earth Chim Chim Shiree is of course a councillor and an Exec Member leading on family values in Kensington and Chelsea.

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