Sunday, September 09, 2007

McJobs: At Least One McMistake Per Order Please

McJob: "An unstimulating low-paid job with few prospects, especially one created by the expansion of the service sector".

Above is the current track record at a local McDonalds emporium. I'm sure it was rather better when Liam Byrne and/or John Leech were working there. Current staff all have A Levels if not Honours Degrees but have NOT ONE star on their badges. Those would show they could do the job at hand.

Today there was someone "back stage" food handling in civvies, with a dangling silver handbag, bare feet and flip flops. Mercifully she is not smoking or drinking, not in sight anyway.

The one and only substantial vegetarian sandwich on the healthy eating menu - the Spicy Veggie Melt from the McDeli range - is not available after 8 PM. Company policy. In fact this particular outlet never has supplied LOL one at all. But at 8:02 PM when my order came they had a pat excuse.

Remember EDM Fifteen Forty Two?. Clive Betts and John Leech lead the signataries. Both involved in McSoccerGate of course.

The EDM was published at least a couple of weeks after McDonalds launched their McFauxRage range, which in turn was sometime after their own recruitment campaigns were full of "McJobs" and "McOpportunities". In the UK, though not in the USA where it is more a case of Macy Gray and Carl Lewis. Keeping McPo-faced even describing Hamburger University.

Perhaps Clive and John could tell us how it feels to have signed an EDM as part of a McDonalds propaganda campaign? Having also unwisely fallen into a trap and accepted McSoccer Cup tickets? And in John's case having sanitized his start up MP CV by removing one McJob and massaging another. Both he found embarrassing. Why ever did he do that?

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