Monday, September 10, 2007

Fascist Nutjob: Cowardly BNP Wanker "Roger" Calls for Killing of PM, ex-PM and DPM ... Using a Cross Bow

Roger shows how reasonable and legitimate the British National Party are in nutjob Off Topic comments right here. I would not want anyone to miss them. Hence the link. They have been archived in case "Roger" gets "Frit".


Anonymous said...

"Anonymous said...
None of what you have posted here is worthy of reply as you have responded to none of my substantive points.

I will merely observe that traitor scum like you are destined to die squealing like stuck pigs impaled on the army's bayonets. You are not worth a bullet. And I can't wait for it. You don't know history, prick , so you don't know what's coming."

Well here's muy latest comment lefty scumbag. And I repeat if war criminals Blair, Brown and Prescott had been eliminated by crossbow bolts I would have been delighted.

As for "elected" your poxy regime is there on the basis of 22% of the votes of those eligible to do so, the regime has no legitimacy, none whatsover


Chris Paul said...

You didn't make a single relevant point. But at least the anger management classes seem to be kicking in at last. Cowardly wanker "Roger".

Anonymous said...

F**cking Hell you can nearly see the flecks round the mouth and the eyes swivelling. What a f**cking loon.

Chris Paul said...

A loon with no ICT sense to boot.

Anonymous said...

U got his IP?

tonydj said...

Just it ALL nationalism you are against Mr Paul? What about Irish Nationalism?? IRA, INLA etc

I remember the old "City Life" magazine (Medlock Publishing) used to love slagging off the BNP/NF etc but gave publicity to the "Manchester Martyrs"

Chris Paul said...

Hello there "Tony DJ". What about the Manchester Martyrs? Wasn't that all about things that happened a good long time ago? 1867? 140 years ago.

Long before Hitler and Mussolini and Stalin too? Back in Bismarck's day? What is the connection between that and some ignorant BNP supporters?

Have the BNP and NF gone Republican these days? Are you suggesting that the BNP now have a similar agenda to the INLA or Provisional IRA? To chuck the British State apparatus out of Britain? How queer.

Please explain how the comparison works?

These fine upstanding BNP provos are saying in one breath in "suit" mode how respectable the party is and in the next breath flipping into "killer" mode calling for death and destruction. Brilliant. Couldn't make it up.

tonydj said...

Easy to explain really.

My reference to "Manchester Martyrs" refers to the annual march in 'commemoration' of the execution of 3 Fenians in Manchester 1867. Held every November in Manchester it was given widspread publicity each year by the left. As I suspect you may know.

In the lexicon of the left British Nationalism is BAD, Irish Nationalism is GOOD. Never mind the deaths, destruction etc...The left only complain when it's the Brit Nationalists being violent.

Now I believe I have a question outstanding.....What IS your view on the IRA etc

Chris Paul said...

I am not by any means a supporter of the IRA's armed struggle. Never have been.

Clear enough?

United Ireland, or re-united Ireland, is I believe a worthwhile and respectable objective which may one day be achieved by democratic consent. If I happen to be living in Ireland when this comes round I would be highly likely to vote for it.

British Nationalism as represented by the BNP and the NF is by no means a respectable cause. Twaddle, hate peddling, entryism, plus classic "control the streets" violence.

The objectives of it as expressed by these groups appear utterly unreasonable and unachievable. This futility and lack of reasonableness drives adherents inevitably to misery and madness.

They cannot therefore maintain a veneer of being a proper respectable party for even half an hour. Particularly when they think they are anonymous and are writing on blogs!

This presumably is why the BNP Blogs mostly do not have their comments feature switched on. They could not allow this and maintain their pretence of being nice people. Because they're not.

I am grateful to "Roger" for spilling their guts and showing up the BNP for what it is.

If there were a formidable Imperial Power occupying and subjugating Britain then one might be able to construct some parallel of British Nationalism to Irish Republicanism. But there isn't.

tonydj said...

"If there were a formidable Imperial Power occupying and subjugating Britain then one might be able to construct some parallel of British Nationalism to Irish Republicanism. But there isn't."


Try looking at the projected future demographic figures for the UK if birthrates and immigration continue at present rates.

Imperialist power?...Islam.

As is common with many on the left, you fail to see the inconsistancy of backing Irish Nationalism ...(or African, or Arab) while condemning British Nationalism. I suspect there are a number of reasons for this, including the facts that you regard the BNP as an electoral threat, you secretly despise the working-class who provide most of the BNP's recruits and you are able to ignore or remain ignorant of the inherent violence of foreign Nationalists. (For example, did you support the ANC in South Africa? What is your view on "necklacing"?)

Anonymous said...

Tonydy - don't come here with your fucking pseudo intellectualism. Your a fascist arsehole. End of.

tonydj said...

Shouldn't that be "You're a..." etc?

I see the Mancs left are as predictable as ever. A refusal to answer the question coupled with a few obscenities to cloak the bankrupt nature of your argument. It impresses the 'yoof' on the streets but bores me.

Anonymous said...

Tonydj. I'm glad I bore you, you fascist fuck. Don't try and blend your little england, racist bullshit into some kind of historical context. Take your disgusting views and fuck off.This is the kind of welcome you and your fascist fucking reptiles will get if they ever come crawling round Manchester.

Anonymous said...

Oh and by the way, the BNP an electoral threat. You're having a fucking laugh surely. The odd seat you manage to grab with your fucking scare stories and your oppositionist claptrap you can't hang on to for more than 5 fucking minutes. Look at that bunch of useless fuckwits who got elected in Burnley a couple of years back. Jesus Christ they were the fucking elite of the all powerful white world order weren't they.

tonydj said...

Well well well, I do seem to have touched a raw nerve!

But seriously, I thought this was a 21st century political blog when in fact I seem to have stumbled on a 1970's / 1990's 'Living history' site complete with 'squadist' macho posturing, 'no platform' mentality and pseudo-working class overuse of the 'f' word....pardon me if I shed a little tear of nostalgia

Chris Paul said...

Very interesting you clever man. "No Platform"? What ARE you on about?

If you want to get into a little warp on this post that's up to you. I'm busy.

Your answer to the point about an imperialist occupier is so absurd that you have proven yourself not worth engaging with.

BNP pretend to be a serious political party. In fact are terrible reps if elected. AND get from suits to bodies floating in canals and crossbow-for-ya in about 15 minutes.

tonydj said...

Come on Mr Paul. You remember the old left policy of "no platform for fascists". You know what I am talking about. So you think it's absurd that I regard Islam as an Imperialist power? Then let us debate this issue, don't resort to the old leftist response of refusing to debate. (aka "no platform" ibid)

As for bodies floating in canals.....err.....we leave this to terrorists like the IRA and remember the 1980's Chris, you were "into" the ANC and anti-apartheid in those days, necklacing time wasn't it?

tonydj said...
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Anonymous said...

Tonydj-We could debate the no platform position if you want. I prefer the "fuck off you fascist, rascist twat" approach. Tonydj get this into your diseased head. I DON'T FUCKING CARE WHAT YOU THINK ABOUT ANYTHING YOU SICK FUCK!! YOU ARE NOT ENTITLED TO AN OPINION ABOUT ANYTHING.

tonydj said...

I see you are still as inarticulate, abusive and incapable of producing a rational argument as the left always have been!

You have similarly failed under Bliar and Brown to rule this land of ours (ours?) wisely or justly. You have betrayed the sacrifices of past generations of British folk, whether on the battlefield, in the work-place, the unions or the political arena.

From the Somme and Peterloo to Tolpuddle and the emigrant ships you spit on the memory of better men...and women...then you will ever be.

For this you deserve to be shot.

That is my opinion which I AM entitled to.....remove my right, if you dare.

Anonymous said...


tonydj said...

Is this "Nut" as in head? (ie you are implying I am mentally deranged) or "Nut" as in slang for testicle? (or "Bollocks" to you). Yet again showing a Chavish inability to express yourself in any way other than crude sexual terms.

Don't worry though, it is treatable.