Monday, September 10, 2007

You Gotta Have Faith: Top 10 Religious Blogs

Iain Dale Top Ten Religious Blogs is a real eye-opener for this infidel. A mixture of spoofs and serious sites. Ummah Pulse seems a particularly useful discovery. Added to blogroll. If you link to me and want a link here please let me know in comments or by email.


Anonymous said...

Ummah pulse

Well, well, well - haven't you got the wit to realise you are a "kaffir" to them?

Or maybe you are a fifth columist convert, like your latest friend Nicholas Roddis

Only one way to find out. chuck you in the canal - if you float you're guilty, and if you sink you're innocent


Chris Paul said...

Er "Roger", please stop the off colour, off topic contributions. And the hilarious death threats.

Ha ha ha. This is doing the BNP's reputation for utter loveliness to a new level.

Where's your own blog anyway? Haven't you got a home to go to? I promise not to write off topic comments.

Yahya said...

Dear Roger,
I am disappointed to read your comments.
As a longterm reader of UmmahPulse I have always be glad of one thing - just how 'normal' they are.
They really are the voice of the majority rather than the voice of self-promoting Muslims who are always happy to show how scary they are in front of TV cameras.
If you really want to know what 'normal' muslims think - check out UmmahPulse

Chris Paul said...

Welcome Yahya! We don't really need to worry about what "Roger" may "think". An inconsolable miserable fascist who will live and die unhappy unless they mend their ways and accept the way the world is in 2007. Life is not good in Tory Urmston where they live. They need to get the socialists back into the Town Hall if they want better quality of life. Best w Chris P