Saturday, September 15, 2007

Park Life: Marie Louise Gardens Fact File 6 to 10

Fact 6: The piece of land which is to be sold to the owner of the Lodge measures about 20 metres by 19 metres.

Opinion: The continued statements and claims that parkland is being sold off and implications for example in the EDM title that the whole park was threatened are deliberately misleading and arrant nonsense.

Fact 7: This land housed greenhouses and tool sheds and maintenance equipment and the garage for the Lodge and was NEVER part of public circulation in Marie Louise Gardens.

Fact 8: The area has no park/forest trees within it, has tarmac and other footings in it, and would represent a further cost to the Council to reclaim it rather than a receipt if its sale did not go ahead.

Fact 9: The rest of the land passed from Council ownership under the original Right to Buy transaction under irresistable Tory laws. Or it was swapped to tidy up the two plots. For example the area of the garage was exchanged.

Fact 10: The owner - repeatedly described as a Property Developer by the press, by Lib Dem politicians and by campaigners - puts on club nights in Manchester and is not a Developer.

Aside: Cllr Mark Clayton is also not a developer but as anon said in a comment on the last MLG post he is thick as thieves with developers.

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