Saturday, September 15, 2007

Park Life: Marie Louise Gardens Fact File 11 to 15

Fact 11: Marie Louise Gardens is not listed in any way.

Fact 12: The Lodge is not listed in any way.

Fact 13. This is not a conservation area.

Fact 14: There are no Tree Preservations Orders in place.

Fact 15: Under Tory planning rules, which have sadly not been repealled or changed, the Lodge could be demolished and the site cleared for development.


Anonymous said...

So if this dishonest Lib Dem campaign were successful the owner could knock down the existing half timbered victorian house, dig out a car park and stick eight or 12 apartments on there? Is that what they are fighting for?

Chris Paul said...

As far as I understand it the owner could have done that at any point in a nine year saga. Would have had to get planning for any new scheme of course. But replacing the lodge with something of the same kind of aspect would get PP I think.

The plans the guy has brought forward are actually for a pretty low density and on a site he mostly already owns.

The opposition and the paper have been shameless. Even Cllr John Leech MP's EDM has a grossly misleading title.

Tim Kinsella said...

Have you mentioned all this to David Ellison? I seem to remember he turned up at the WDRA "protest picnic".