Wednesday, September 05, 2007

OK UK: The History of Leftish Gigging

POP TRIVIA: My friends the former Manchester power boppers The Smirks - inspiration for a pukocious PD of The Housemartins (particularly ironically with the song 'Sheep'), and three of whom were for a time also Distant Cousins - had a near hit with OK, UK.

Stymied largely because of a bad week industrially at Decca distribution.

The new blog in the last post, OK, OD could earn a theme tune. Particularly as the boys have just signed (hush hush) with Sanctuary Records for a retread album. A single or two a distinct possibility ...

Meanwhile after a scruffy gig at The Wilde Club those Housemartins were tracked down at WOMAD, Colchester (New Order, James, ACR, Kalima, Maphumo, and ? The Smiths also played) and their breakthrough gig at International 1 was plotted. They shared posters with one Champion Doug Veitch, more on whom anon.

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