Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Violent Crime: Tories Show True Colours

Not content with yesterday blowing the gaffe on Dave-eeed's overall failures Mr Iain Dale today calls for one man to be taken out and shot and calls on another band of assassins to knife another prominent figure. In the second case, unbelievably, he is encouraged by a Times journalist. THIS is the Tory message on violent crime. Shoot 'em, knife 'em or scare them to death.

Apparently the Russians are coming. There is a real explanation for a war plane buzzing 18 Doughty Street - the home of MSB AG (Mainstream Blogging, Anti-Government). Not in fact "remember Al Jazeera", "remember Radio Free Belgrade" but Veteran's Minister Derek Twigg presenting 500,000th Armed Forces Veteran's Badge to Sonia Hartford from Birmingham and the two enjoying a flypast.

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