Wednesday, September 05, 2007

International: Technoverse, China, Germany, Colne

Sunny Hundal at Pickled Politics has chucked former-Communist hackers and current-German bomb plotters into the same post.

In the case of the former are these Chinese hackers servants of the Chinese State? Or the Russian State? Or just fun-seeking geeks who happened to be in China?

Or is this what they were practicing for when they allegedly took down Taiwan, sending hoax press releases from government servers?

And in the case of the latter, who mostly had just the one chemical - not the 20-plus collected by the BNP-linked Clowns of Colne - will these Germans get off with shorter sentences? Fair's fair.

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tonydj said...

Up to now several Islamic terrorists in the UK have murdered over 50 people. BNP chairman Nick Griffin accurately predicted that they would come from the muslim community within the uk and not from overseas.

Rob Cottage was, on the otherhand, conned into pleading guilty by the state's manipulation of his mentally retarded wife.