Thursday, September 06, 2007

T'Tory T'Inter T'web Innovation: Is That It?

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Very likely this is a blogsclusive exclusive. Advance sight of moving gifs.

But at this rate Maggie will be cheering on Gordon. This is facile. This is dull. This is Tories 4 business as usual.

The only real change proposed, the "offer" in marketing BS, is this:

That a bunch of unprincipled, unreliable and untried rats-in-sacks toffs who still cannot organise a web
campaign in 2007 should take over from a conviction politician from the old school and his tried and trusted
team of fearless innovators.

Various Tory web schemes are already lying in tatters. Internet "Guru" Grant Schapps has not played a blinder. Risible sites (e.g. Tory Tosser and SUSU with it's illogical read, vote, debate strapline have been shut down or just withered on the vine.

There have been scams and a veritable 1234 of bad practice. We had that ridiculous You Tube "Sexy Britain" yoof site. And now this?

I can understand why Tory Boy Bloggers are cheering this on. There may be some advert bookings for them.

But really this is poor. It doesn't even matter that it will get a bit of below the line attention. I'm happy to run the adverts free and gratis in this post. Because they are so poor.

(The click through target on images should be this. Not sure if it's my html? Or space age Tory internettery?)


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