Sunday, September 16, 2007

Prisoners' Voice: Poacher Turned Gamekeeper

Mr John Hirst is considering changing his masthead. What do you think of the above? Meanwhile the stats have gone bonkers. Days are making old weeks look sad. Weeks surpassing months in spades.


Matt Wardman said...

Personally, Chris, I think PV is doing the most throough job of laying himself open to a libel action that I have ever seen.

Matt Wardman said...

Ooops. Typo: thorough.

Chris Paul said...

He's doing pretty well at that it must be said. Then again who are the McCann's going to pick to sue? The elements of the MSM here and around Europe that have being saying similar things, or the blogger of straw?

Matt Wardman said...

I don't know who they would pick - that would depend whether they are doing it for the money or the principle.

However, with £100k from Mr Branson and whatever follows in the fighting fund, and a combined household income of £150k+ (she's a GP, he's a hospital consultant I think), they aren't going to be short of resources to fund it.

Chris Paul said...

Don't think Branson is funding them for libel actions though Matt. And nor would 100k go a long way in that regard.

Their gross income would be more like £250,000 if they are in full jobs and full pay ... but that is not the same as disposible income for libel suits.

And they get to their principle by going for someone that has got money and would look vindictive if they go for a blogger with 1,000 hits a day rather than a million circulation tabloid.

jailhouselawyer said...

I like the new masthead. Certainly, the McCann soap opera is doingthestatsnoharmatall. (TM LOL).

Only those wealthy enough need worry about being sued for libel. Being a 'man of straw' I am a libel lawyers worst nightmare. Having said that, as Tygerland has pointed out mine was the corner of the blogosphere which has consistently questioned the McCanns over the disappearance of Madeleine.

It is worth noting that when Gerry McCann went to the States, it is a little known fact that the FBI gave him the cold shoulder. Like me they were not fooled by the PR. Between them they have refused to answer 66 questions from the police. I don't care who takes over their PR, it will not be able to gloss over that.

Chris Paul said...

Yes, but surely you support their right to remain silent, get proper representation before they speak, to know what they are accused of etc.

As I've said before the parents are always a good punt in the case of dead or missing kids.

You've stuck your neck out and you may yet be correct. But it is just a hunch.