Thursday, September 06, 2007

Sun Says: Right Old Load of Bullocks from Cameron

Under the title "When It's Right to Speak Out" Iain Dale praises the Tory suicide bomber* Dave-eeeed Cameron thusly:

Dale: Cameron then went on to criticise Gordon Brown for comparing himself to Margaret Thatcher, coming up with a couple of rather good lines...
Cameron to SunWhat a cheek! If we had listened to Gordon Brown no one would have been able to buy their own council house, unions would run the country and we'd probably be speaking Russian. He is a conviction politician - convicted of robbing people's pensions, stealth taxed and failing to reform the NHS.

Cam's characterisation of Brown is of course wildly innaccurate (though some on the Labour left would add: "More's the pity").

SUN-CAM MYTH 1: Council house sales would be stopped - Blair/Brown AFAIK seriously regretted missing that one. The tap was not turned off by Brown was it? Did Brown EVER try to stop Right to Buy? (as some say: more's the pity) This despite the contempt from the cheating Tory Lady Porterhouse. Or whatever her thieving name was.

The thing that needed to go with it but never did under the Tories and still hasn't under NL is the recycling of receipts to build new homes - properly protected e.g. in co-ops, from right to buy and also resale or remortgaging.

SUN-CAM MYTH 2: Unions would run the country - Neither Blair not Brown is much of a Trade Unionist. And does Cam or the Sun really think Unions have a sniff of running the country? (as some say: more's the pity) Do the Sun or the Tories think people will believe that given the New Labour history?

SUN-CAM MYTH 3: We'd all be speaking Russian - Speaking say Russian would be no bad thing, or French or German or Mandarin or Gaelic. Every word is an idea. And each has different shades in each language. I do speak Russian myself. Not well. A bare pass at O. But I am resisting the speaking of Imperialist American.

What I learnt while learning the language - from a Mr Perfect with a rather blatant false leg, Oxfam dressing before it was fabulous, and turn ups like Kim Philby (just like Mr Jones who taught us "World Studies") - was not just an A to Chetori rote thing. It was about culture, ideas, history and understanding. Speaking Russian after being conquered? Stupid. (as no-one says: more's the pity)

Don't know which languages Cam speaks but here he blunders on in pure Yahboo. This "convicted" riff is bunkum. Sun readers are not in the slightest bit thick, as Eton Cam may think.

"I do not buy this", they say with the confidence of true Europeans. "We do not buy this". "He, she and/or it does not buy this".

Brown is head and shoulders over Cam on conviction and in my eyes he has been playing all this like a real master. He is helping the Tory Party destroy the Tory Party.

'Til not one stone stands on another. We had already done this in Manchester say 15 years ago. In fact this is not great for us. The pestilent Lib Dems have become a clear second party in many wards as Tories just roll over and die.

Tory voters are holding their nose and voting for a party that they wrongly think is TO THE LEFT of Labour. For that reason at least I am urging Cam on with every breath and every sinew. Can he re-engage George and Albert and even Janet and John?No, he just isn't cutting it.

Cameron SHOULD have kept silent as Tim Montgomery tapped on Conservative Home.

Polls were improving. Now they will certainly re-droop.

The next General Election will be in June 2009.

Put tha' cash away Dave-eeed.

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