Monday, September 03, 2007

Tory Funding: More Left-Right Squabbling

Iain Dale is wondering how Johan Eliasch ever made his money snapping "to rash judgements like this". Which may look a little like a rash judgement on Dale's part. Wheeler and Kalms saying Dave-id is not right enough then Eliasch saying he's too right.

John Rentoul, writing in The Independent puts the whole thing down to a clash between worldly Andy "Phone Tap" Coulson and other worldly Steve "Who He?" Hilton.

Times Online has the Tories saying: "Johann Eliasch has stood down as a deputy treasurer to focus on climate change issues, however, his full and financial support for David Cameron's leadership continues."

And there's more: Ben Brogan who had the Eliasch story early doors and also claimed "the surge is working" as today's polls are better has the much tipped defective John Bercow taking a new role:

I hate to add to David Cameron's difficulties, but I'm told on good authority that Gordon Brown has hired John Bercow to do some work for the Government. No, he hasn't defected, as many have expected, but something is being announced today apparently. It could be fairly innocuous. Whichever way you slice it up though, the fact that a Tory MP - and 'reformed' right-winger at that - thinks it's ok to get consensual with the Big Clunking Fist is an interesting test of the new politics proclaimed by Mr Cameron.


jailhouselawyer said...

JHL has got an exclusive and blogsculsive about Gordon Brown offering David Cameron the Deputy Prime Minister's job...

Chris Paul said...

Can you make it stand up in court?

Anonymous said...

I bet he (JHL) made it stand up in prison!

Chris Paul said...

Unlike you twoll. Is that why you're here? Intellectile dysfunction?

IP Monitor said...


And comes straight in to their prowling and twolling room and boots up and comes straight here.

Looks at four pages. Scribbles on some. Leaves.