Monday, September 03, 2007

Silent Movie: And Other Bo Jo Media Coups

Guido has a great story involving Boris being lost for words at his press launch. Thanks to James Cleverly? Boris understood to have been heard muttering (ironically, natch) "Trust a Bloody Darky".

Went to the Back Boris site expecting to see the great audiovisual communication there at least. But sadly no. But all is not lost. There were ALL Boris' press releases (above, all two, from 16 and 18 July).

And there was his his bustling media centre (again two items, bollocks to this) despite the encouraging:

Below you'll find the latest campaign news, however if you'd like to see the press releases or image gallery please use the links above.

The Gallery is there. A picture is after all worth a thousand words. And Boris' clever software makes him look even more like a fat head (top) than is strictly necessary (right).

The portrait pictures in the collection are shown in the wrong ratio.
As in a Hall of Mirrors.
Which Boris undoubtedly has at home.


Anonymous said...

I say, Boris a bit strong there skitting James just because he fucked up a bit? He's one to talk.

Chris Paul said...

Just a bit of fun!! I'm more struck by his media centre spiel saying he would be out and about visiting the 32 boroughs ... well in the six weeks or so of the campaign he has recorded visits to a grand total of ... ONE borough.

Brilliant. BJ got up a third press release and a sort of clunky video of his launch today. Hurrah!