Monday, September 03, 2007

Libdemologists: Hospital Hoax Leech Almost Escapes the Drop Zone

Stephen Tall provides a snap shot of Lib Dem media success, here. Despite self aggrandising and pretending to be a mimicster and front bench spokesman John Leech (Man Wit) is still in the BOTTOM TEN. As is Paul Rowen (Rochdale).

But as cheery glass half full Libdemologists they will be spinning this as a late surge with both Leech and Rowen climbing slightly from their low of six months ago. Mark Hunter (Cheadle) is surely doomed to relegation, seemingly growing roots at the foot of the table.

John's bird-of-a-feather cluster bomb hypocrite Willie Rennie remains just outside the drop zone.


Anonymous said...

I suppose the great hoaxer can console himself that Mark "Who" Hunter is even more piss poor than he is.

Chris Paul said...

That would be one way to look at it I suppose. He's no Shirley Bassey ... but he is bad.