Thursday, September 13, 2007

Waltham Forest Smearathon: Knocking Grell Gate

On and on it goes. Three of the four characters name checked in the following passage from this report are Labourites:

Nicholas Russell, another Labour candidate who stood in Leyton, told the court he overheard Ms Grell telling two young men that Mr Smith was gay and was offended when she made "homophobic kissing noises" towards Mr Wright when he received a call from his boyfriend. The prosecution accused him of making up the claim because he was out for revenge for an official complaint Cllr Grell made against him to the Labour Party over his performance early on in the campaign. Mr Russell denied this but admitted his relationship with Cllr Grell was tense.

HETEROPHOBIA: Shilpa Shetty and Richard Gere in Kissy Kissy Moment

How would Mr Russell term "kissing noises" banter directed at heteros?

Loves them, wants to kiss them etc etc. Sounds like it might be healthy friendly teasing rather than otherwise.


Anonymous said...

What's that Shilpa is gripping so firmly?

Anonymous said...

What have you got to say now?

Chris Paul said...

Well oh courageous one ... I think that the BBC are as guilty of careless reporting as The Times. I might be wrong of course. But I think she's been found guilty of what she admitted and not of the hearsay only other allegations.

She will appeal and may even win. BBC and Times ought probably to apologise as should LDV.

Convictions on hearsay are unsafe. So he must have decided that saying someone is gay and getting an age of someone wrong in a campaign - not even in writing! - are smearage for the purposes of the act.

This rather lowers the bar on intrepretation I think. Particularly the age mistake thing.