Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Ann Robinson: What a Silly and Sour Old Cow!

Heard on the radio yesterday that the high-friction Ann Robinson has recently become romantically unattached. She can now take Manchester off her search list as well as the whole of Wales. She has just been teasing a Dance and Drama teacher on my kid's fave Weakest Link. The guy teaches in Moss Side.

She asked him repeated derogatory questions:

What is the life expectancy of a Drama teacher in Moss Side? What did you teach the children? To say they didn't do it? That they didn't nick the car? That they were asleep in bed when it happened?

What a silly and sour old cow she is! A series of about five consecutive derogatory remarks about Manchester. Then back onto her dissing Wales routine. The school where the guy teaches is almost certainly the Academy, where the kids win national Newsnight prizes for their impressive business nous.

The competitors are getting back at her by making out she is very very old. Ann apparently made her peace with Wales. Now she will have to stop her quest for love and beg Manchester's forgiveness. Or go see this lot perhaps?

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tonydj said...

Where I come from what Ms Robinson said would be regarded as singing the praises of Moss Side.