Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Tory Party Conference: A Tale of Two Sessions

Today I watched a good deal of the BBC's Tory Conference coverage. Two sessions this morning formed a right pair.

The Environment/Quality of Life session appeared to be peopled mainly by mavericks. Including on the panel.

Several policy proposals popped up from the floor. Given the current shortage do these count as Tory policies if the platform party mutter "jolly good", "well done" or speak warmly of them?

Those making contributions were evidently known in advance and er, hand picked.

Immediately after this we had a panel called Platitudes About Young People chaired by Michael Gove. With him were Paul Oginsky and Haras Rafia.

Despite the unpromising title this was altogether far saner, more interesting, and in principle at least rather more promising.

The first session: loads of calling Labour names, bad names. The second: none of the above.

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