Monday, October 08, 2007

Bar Chart Gate: Hampstead Tories Trump Watford Fibs

While it has been lovely co-operating with Conservatives to nail Liberals it just could not last. LOL is truly shocked to find the two horse race of hypocrisy and cant also stalking the new improved down-to-earth cuddly Tory party.

The leading targeted Google Advert under the mast head of The Thunder Dragon is almost always for Central Casting Tory Boy Chris Philp who is standing in Hampstead and Kilburn.

Using some very prominent but numerically uncaptioned bar charts! Not to mention the line "Only the Conservatives can beat Labour here"!

The "Only Tories etc" line is developed here thusly:

Hampstead and Kilburn is a new Parliamentary seat, covering most of the old Hampstead & Highgate and one third of the old Brent East seats. It therefore straddles the London Boroughs of Camden and Brent. About 100,000 people live in the constituency in total, of whom about 75,000 are over 18.

The wards covered are: Hampstead Town, Belsize Park, Swiss Cottage, Frognal and Fitzjohns, Fortune Green, West Hampstead, Kilburn West, Kilburn East, Queens Park and Brondesbury.

Both Brent and Camden Councils are run by a coalition containing Conservatives. Both the Camden and Brent seats on the Greater London Assembly are held by Conservatives and the new Hampstead & Kilburn seat is a top target for the Conservatives. Only the Conservatives can beat Labour in this new seat.

So that's most of Labour Glenda Jackson's Hampstead & Highgate and a little bite of poor Lib Dem Sarah Teather's Brent East combining to boost the Tories to be the main challengers?

In fact in the first seat Tories were almost level pegging with Lib Dems on the march - rather like in Watford where this little exercise started with Lib Dems owning up to their heresies - and in the second the Tories were still tailed off badly as Labour maintained a close second - despite Lib Dem war-dancing. That Sarah Teather was so popular with Ham and High blue-rinsers, don't you see?

Hampstead and Highgate LABOUR HOLD - Glenda Jackson
The 2005 general election (votes first then percentage share) Glenda Jackson, Labour 14,628 38.3 Piers Wauchope, Conservative 10,886 28.5 Ed Fordham, Liberal Democrat 10,293 27.0 Sian Berry, Green Party 2,013 5.3 Magnus Nielsen, UK Independence Party 275 0.7 Rainbow George Weiss, Rainbow Dream Ticket 91 0.2 Labour majority: 3,742 Time of declaration: May 06 2005 02:00 Turnout: 55.5 %

Brent East LIB DEM HOLD - Sarah Teather

The 2005 general election (votes first then percentage share) Sarah Teather, Liberal Democrat 14,764 47.5Yasmin Qureshi, Labour 12,052 38.8 Kwasi Kwarteng, Conservative 3,193 10.3 Shahrar Ali, Green Party 905 2.9 Michelle Weininger, Independent 115 0.4 Rainbow George Weiss, Rainbow Dream Ticket 39 0.1 Liberal Democrat majority: 2,712 Time of declaration: May 06 2005 04:20 Turnout: 55.3 %

Rainbow George with a foot in both camps could spring a surprise. Clearly the Tories will claim they've added up some local government results to produce these totally honest bar charts. That won't wash sorry. Those results are not scalable. And besides Chris Philp has claimed the bar charts show 2005 results.


ThunderDragon said...

I don't have any say over the ads Google puts there!

And it is at least as bad as what the Lib Dems do.

Chris Paul said...

I know. they have him advertising on mine too now.

Very well done. If you come across anything like this from Labour then I'd hope to do the same.

We don't do bar charts that much! We just jeer at Lib Dems for theirs.

Anonymous said...

Silly boy