Monday, October 08, 2007

Libdemologists: More on those Watford Weasels

The Thunder Dragon have swiftly followed up the Lib Dem apology, pointing out that not only was the quote mis-attributed to an independent local newspaper, but also itself a big fib. In a shock revelation this appeared to be based on an unusual Lib Dem tactic: bar chart hocus pocus and general mendacity.

Wikipedia's brief profile of the Labour incumbent Claire Ward tells it like it is. This became, however briefly, a three way marginal where war-dancing Lib Dems took over from back-foot Tories as lead insurgent, by a wafer thin margin.

With both the main parties electorally recovered from their 2005 ennui and the Lib Dems all a tumble this one should be back to a two-way tussle with Labour probably getting back more of the tactical Lib Dem votes than the Tories.

But it is as we say "All To Play For".

If a week is a long time in politics then 18 months is an age. There is no reasonable justification for the Lib Dems to pretend that the Tories are not a threat. Though Labour can justify "Vote Lib Dem, Get a Tory!" and Tories "Vote Lib Dem, Get Labour!" the Lib Dems' "Only Lib Dems Can Beat Labour Here!" and "It's a Two Horse Race!" are clearly complete and utter poppycock.

And leaving the Tories off your bar chart? (Above graphic, hat tip Thunder dragon) Or even manipulating the three bars to impression manage (aka spin) the electorate? Tories would never do that. LATE BREAKING NEWS: Ahem, whoops, see next post.

The Tory candidate - in what was clearly a winnable for them in 2005 - was one Ali Miraj. He is alleged by the porky-fuelled weasel-tongues in the Lib Dems to have taken some of the credit for letting the Lib Dems through the muddle and was later suspended from the Eh? List by Memory Dave.

Yes this is THE Ali Miraj, the one-time putative Life Baronet who couldn't wait for twenty years for a(nother) winnable seat.

Obviously following Memory Dave's barn storming 67-minute oration no one would believe Miraj's charge that Dave is all gimmick and PR chicanery.

Miraj's own web site refused to comment.


Anonymous said...

Charging decision in Conservative Party Honours allegation
The Crown Prosecution Service, UK - 2 hours ago
Following the decision by the Metropolitan Police to commence an investigation into allegations of so-called 'Cash for Honours' a further complaint was made ...

The CPS appear to have withdrawn this item per Google News from their website - I wonder who is objecting to its contents??

ThunderDragon said...

"The Thunder Dragon have swiftly followed up the Lib Dem apology..."

Can I just point of that there is only one of me...

Chris Paul said...

Yep. Tend to treat blog brands as "they" rather than "it". Chris Paul has ... Labour of Love have ... but perhaps it's best to make them all singulars.

ThunderDragon said...

The main problem is that it simply doesn't scan right.