Friday, October 12, 2007

Breaking News: ICM Poll for BBC Newsnight

Nick Sparrow's ICM has done an exclusive poll for BBC Newsnight. The questions that are being shown on the programme are leading ones one and all. And irony oh irony it's about spin this spun poll is. Brown has not had a good week. This is not a good poll.


Anonymous said...

I thought I detected a confession. Yes, I think it definitely was. The Labour project is off the rails.
Keep you fingers cross, and your buttocks clenched, that Team Cameron doesn't recruit a grammar-school. Your secret weapon is the knowledge that when push comes to shove middle-England isn't going to go for a toff squad.
I have a confession of my own. Alan Johnson, health secretary, would have convinced many that he was a fully-paid up member of the human race with his recording on Desert Island Discs. You would vote for him when you wouln't go a million miles near fucking Brown.

Chris Paul said...

Alan Johnson? He's alright. Didn't make my top four on the deputy leadership however. His impeccable taste in music (?) and his chirpy banter did not influence my choice.

Clearly if there is a grammar-school on Cameron's front bench we'll be done for. But as far as I know buildings are not allowed to be MPs never mind shadow ministers.

But anyway, the ICM questions are leading ones don't you think?

And Brown's personal lead over Cameron is still a mighty one don't you agree?