Friday, October 12, 2007

SKIPtheatre: Gid's Glib and Dave's Not Forgetful

SKIPtheatre are looking for circus performers to perform at their club night \SKIP/ at The Amersham Arms on Tuesday 23rd October. "There is floor space or a stage to perform on. The night is about a collaboration between bands, dj’s and performance artists and is the first of an exciting monthly club night in New Cross." So says the blurb.

Please message Chloe at the first link if you’re interested. The act being promoted on the Amersham's site is Chas and Dave. They are due to perform ... six months ago in May 2007. Very retro and ironic I'm sure.

There is a rumour that I'm just starting that the unannounced special guests this time will be Gid and Dave.

Apparently Gid tells tax fibs 'til "he's glib in the face". While Dave memorises long and turgid texts. "The only good thing about what he says" confides a rather candid critic "is that he doesn't use notes". What? No notes at all? Wow!

Previous occurence of this night or SKIP or something is interviewed here. But Glib Gid and Memory Dave didn't do that one.

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