Monday, October 15, 2007

Breaking News: W Menzies Campbell is Finished

BBC REPORT. An amazingly weaselly interview even by his own standards from David Laws on C4N followed by another in the same ilk from Lord Razzall.

What will Cllr John "Hospital Hoax" Leech MP do now? When there was speculation about Charles Kennedy going Leech insisted that he must stay and that he was backing him 100%. Meanwhile sticking in a big under the counter plug for Nick Clegg's candidature.

When the Twisted Fire Starter Clegg did not stand Hoaxer Leech plumped for Chris the Loon Huhne. Now both are standing what will he do? Will he stick or will he twist once more?

LIB DEM SUCCESSION: It was Lord Razzall who pointed out that Lib Dem carelessness with their leaders extends to the last three on the trot as Paddy Pantsdown was also a sharp exit stage right.

UPDATE: Iain Dale has brought forward his support for a Charles Kennedy re-tread. Are Tory CHQ trying to kill this option? The BBC Report above came only 75 minutes after this one with Lib Dems saying "don't panic".

RESIGNATION LETTER IN FULL: Carried by Lib Dem Voice along with a timeline and some links here.

CABLE IS SQUIRMING: Clearly Ming was pushed and pushed hard. No press conference. No comment.

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Anonymous said...

who will leech back now?he supported everybody last time.he will wait to see what everyone else does I bet. the gutless twat.