Monday, October 15, 2007

BNP: Down to Sandwell Two Through Zero Attendance

Bob Piper has the details. Griffin's Master Race are falling apart and should clearly be known by the Nazi company they keep. Below: the Fuhrer's favourite bodyguard wears his hate on his sleeves, and his chest, and his back.


Anonymous said...

Did you take these photos yourself?

Anonymous said...

Griffin's bodyguard... lol

The site you stole those photos is way out of date and full of garbage in the first place.

If the BNP are having financial problems and are to pack up altogether, why are the UAF still so active and draining the Labour Party's much needed funds?

Chris Paul said...

Mmmm. Didn't say the BNP are having financial problems ... that's interesting ... keeping Griffin in pies cannot be a cheap business. There's no sign of malnourishment there. Wife and kids to support. Can't come cheap.

You'll have to explain sometime how UAF are draining the Labour Party of funds ... you crazy nutjob fascist you.

Clearly once the BNP has imploded or exploded there will be lots of shards of shrapnel to keep an eye on. I would not expect UAF or Searchlight or Hope Not Hate of anyone to pack up the day Griffin realises the game is up and quits.

You cannot argue that thee BNP is not ucrrently enjoying a great "brain drain" as "leading thinkers" desert daily?

This tattooed man may be assigned to history (Would that be like Lecomber? And like Collett was for two seconds flat?) but he was certainly still on duty cracking heads in a £30 suit the day Griffin and Le Pen got scrag ended in Manchester.

So when exactly are you saying the separation of the ways come between Mr Tattoo and Mad Nick?

tonydj said...

He isn't a member of the BNP nor was / is he Nick Griffin's bodyguard. Let's see the pictures

Sadie Graham is still with the party, Gable and his cronies got that wrong. The letter sent by SEARCHLIES to various BNP activists has backfired. Not only is it hughly inaccurate (viz "Sadie Graham has gone") but by having to do their own dirty work instead of relying on the usual fellow-traveler suspects they reveal their loss of support.

As a final insult, Gerry Gable's SEARCHLIGHT industry can not keep him in the manner to which he has been acustomed, having to send his wife out to work as a tax consultant (What else?)