Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Nick Griffin and BNP: British Nazis are Falling Apart

Griffin and Collett are problem drinking political fascists from a Nazi party

The Voice of Reason blog reports that, as well as being upset not to make Dale's Right One Hundred (along with Saatchi, Giddens, Major, Portillo, Woodhead, Stevens, Brown, Dale, Schapps, Lord Taylor, Neville-Jones, Coe, Heeschen, Eliasch among others) Nick Griffin is also losing his SS generals at an alarming rate. He still has the bomber Lecomber and other undesirables such as Mark Collett. The Nazi who glories in marching Jackboots, loves Hitler, demands that his troops control the streets, and proudly says so on the telly (this is now a link to Channel 4's page for the programme as the Google Video link is broken).

Despite Griffin dominating the recent leadership election the word is that a more serious challenge is in the fascist nutjob pipeline. Collett himself?

UPDATE: Collett's Wiki Page. Lovely bloke.


Justin said...

I doubt Griffin's too worried. He's going to get his British jobs for British people courtesy of Gordon Brown.

Chris Paul said...

Mmmm. Gordon is only saying that. But actually there is a huge difference is there not? Gordon considers British to include all races, creeds, ethnicities, and even nationalities so long as the people buy in to Britishness and are useful.

Griffin doesn't care about Britishness. He cares about being white. And he loves being mentally bankrupt and that's why he doesn't get enough medical support for his serious illnesses.

Red Squirrel said...

Hello, I am a BNP member, and I really do find this sort of thing rather offensive. You would probably not post any reasonable post from me so I will not bother trying. But the Labour party that I remember from my youth had some excellent ideals. It is a pity that they have degenerated into what they are today,
With Sincerity.

Chris Paul said...

Hello Red Squirrel

Thank you for your polite post. I have not been in the habit of deleting posts from BNP supporters or members here at LOL. Though these have often been very offensive indeed. Even calling for assassinations and bodies floating in rivers.

Often within minutes of having claimed the BNP is a sensible, serious, bona fide political party.

It seems to me that it is better to allow such posts to be available to the public who may otherwise be persuaded by men in suits to support a "party" with a semi secret hate agenda.

You do not say which part(s) of my post you consider offensive. That being so I cannot consider amending it if you have any good arguments to persuade me of this.

The basic facts I have presented are:

1. Nick Griffin is not in the Telegraph's list of the top 100 people of the right;
2. Others have been missed too, the list is a bit crap really;
3. Griffin is said to be upset at this snub;
4. There have been a number of resignations from senior BNP roles in recent weeks (see link);
5. The criminal Lecomber the bomber and the idiot Mark Collett are however still on board;
6. Mark Collett was on the TV boosting Hitler, jackbooted storm troopers and controlling the streets as the real BNP struggle;
7. There are moves within the BNP to have another go at getting rid of Griffin
8. Griffin and Collett are seen drinking in the picture provided.

You can use the same numbers to discuss them if you wish.

My opinions are:

A. The BNP is a fascist party using a typical combination of communalism, scapegoating, elections, bullying and in some cases very extreme violence or the preparations for this;
B. The BNP is for some members - notably the prominent Collett - modelled on Hitler's Nazi Party;
C. The BNP - again through Collett - have revealled a dual strategy of ballot and violence and an admiration for the SS, making the use of this as an adjective fair comment;
D. I believe - though I am not medically trained in any way - that one only has to look at Griffin and other fascists in the BNP and elsewhere to see that these are seriously damaged individuals. Nutjob is shorthand for that observation.

I would add that as well as being communalist, and using fascist/Nazi models the BNP are deeply racist and completely lost from historical and future reality.

If any of the facts are proveably wrong or denied please let me know. At some point of my choosing I will collate your objections and any arguments and post them with similar prominence on the face of the blog where google and other arachnids are more likely to find them.

If you feel it is inappropriate for me to express my opinions please do explain that.

I cannot promise to devote huge amounts of time to debating these matters but as you well know I have a very liberal approach at the moment to free speech and this means that you as a BNP member can state your facts and your opinions here.

Hopefully they will be under more control than some of your comrades. I really don't want to change my policy on this. Having drunken BNP members post in vino veritas here is one of the great joys.

Incidentally while I am a Labour supporter and indeed member this is a personal blog and it does not necessarily reflect the views of the party or any unit within.

Though for the most part you can take it that the BNP are considered by the LP to be thuggish, racist, fascist, communalist, violent, extremist, in cases Nazi, collection of reprobates. Sexist, homophobic, ageist, anti-freespeech, anti-TU, bigoted ... did I leave anything out?

Over to you

Chris P

The Bournemouth Nationalist said...

did I leave anything out?

Yes you did Chris, you forgot to mention that your very own Dr John Reid MP is a former member of the communist party and also that you have your own group of thugs in the UAF that go around terrorising peole that wish to take part in the democratic process.

Now I have no truck with Hitler admirers, in fact I'm an ardent supporter of Israel and nothing brings greater joy to my heart than seeing the IDF beating the sh*t of any one who attacks their country or people.

Supporting the BNP while being aware of Mark Collett's past views is no different to someone supporting the Labour party while knowing the John Reid, and others within the party, once held communist views.

Remember the Communists murdered more people in the 20th century than the Nazis.

Therefore using a bit of logic, if the Communists murdered more than the Nazis, then Communists are more evil than the Nazis, which means a Communist sympathiser is more evil than a Nazi sympathiser, which means most of the Labour party is more evil than any party accused of being 'Nazi' by the left.

Therefore I can continue to support and vote BNP, and cheer every time an Israeli rocket takes out another muslim terrorist.

tonydj said...

Yet again you have a bash at the BNP.

You are inaccurate. "Voice of Reason" is owned by a sad dyke from the south-east of England who refuses to post critical comments. She is also of a Tory persuasion who dislikes "fascists" because she claims she and her friends were "gay bashed" by fascists. How she would have responded had she been bashed by muslims, football hooligans, or off-duty coppers etc I know not. she is certainly short of political theory.

Mass resignations, no sorry, non-existant. Rumours of such certainly but not true.