Thursday, October 04, 2007

Cameron on Facebook: He's Making Baby Jesus Cry

David Cameron generously gave a huge plug for his facebook depreciation group Am I the only person who doesn't like David Cameron? during his feelgood quackery. He said it had 370 members. Already he is boosted almost to 1,000; though Stop David Cameron... his lies make baby Jesus cry is approaching 1,500; meanwhile David Cameron is a hottie, also plugged will soon reach 300.

There are quite a few other groups, considering he is a no-hoper and a quitter.

PHOTO: Scurrilous illiberal attack on drug taking. We say if you can afford it, deal with it, and not get found out ... you could be leader of the opposition for quite a while yet. Though sadly never PM.


Tom Hagen said...

That picture is Labour crap. So what if Cameron did drugs? He is a man which will bring the country forward at the next election.

You Labour lot need to get a fucking grip and learn photoshop.

Chris Paul said...

Cheers Liam.

I agree - so what if he did drugs? He's not getting my vote anyway. I wouldn't change party over it. But the population at large are not as liberal as you and I. This is why Cam has been a bit of a clam on the matter.

Wouldn't have thought to go and find this on Facebook if Cam hadn't brought it up. It is clearly not an attempt at photorealism on the potato chopping. But so what to that?

He will bring the country forward at the next election to vote against the same old same old Tories who cheered in all the wrong places to support Dave's cuddly narrative.

Anonymous said...

Actually the picture is Tory crap isn't it? Guido or someone like that?

Before the new unity kicked in which like the new policy is absolutely illusory nonsense. Davis is begging for Brown to pull the trigger and get rid of Cameron for him and the Tory old guard.